School Blog

In a 21st century society, an online presence is fundamental. For the School Blog students bring together their talents to create an online forum devoted to their personal interests. Under the guidance of a faculty member, students will be given creative license to develop, update, and manage an online site at .


Student Newspaper

Student journalists cover a range of topics for The Hanal School newspaper.  They learn pivotal research, writing, and interview skills by examining school and community news.  Whether Ridgefield Park is hosting an art fair or a Hanal School athlete makes a “big play,” our student journalists are there to capture the story.

Student Yearbook

The Hanal yearbook showcases what the school community experiences over the course of the year— from rigorous classroom discussions to the creation of original artworks to town events in which Hanal participates.  The yearbook draws upon student vision and talent to shape its contents.  As editors and photographers, students learn how to see a product through from start to finish, and, in turn, are able to enjoy the gratification that comes with a job well done.

Chess Club

Chess is one of the oldest and most celebrated games.  Although simple in design, any match can evolve with distinct complexity.  Because of this, elegant chess playing entails a host of strategies.  Using these strategies not only requires systematic memory recall, but also creative implementation.  Chess, more than just a game, is celebrated as an intellectual pursuit.

Debate Club

The elements of debate require objectively analyzing complex arguments.  This means preparing through research and committing to memory a number of rhetorical pathways on various topics.  Instead of harping on winning and losing,  our debate focuses on the process of analyzing multiple perspectives to create productive discourse.  Although students learn to stick to a single point of view, they also learn how to form more sophisticated arguments that do not necessarily hinge on absolutes.  This is an opportunity for students to learn decorum in formal discussion, confidence in speaking, and diligence in developing ideas.

Art Club

Students in the Art Club will be given the opportunity to fully explore media and materials through personal expression.  Students will be directed towards community and social issues to facilitate content exploration.  In addition, field trips will be scheduled to various art venues that will further inform their works of art.

Sustainability Adventures

The club is designed to raise awareness of the environmental impact our current human system is having on the Earth.  Students will go on nature excursions, retreats, and field trips to various locations and enterprises to learn about alternative energy, sustainable farming, and holistic systems that have the potential to transform the consciousness of the current human system.

Science Fair Expo

Students engage in creating year long science fair projects aligned towards a topic of their interest.  The vision is to integrate music, art, film, and the social sciences with the natural sciences in order for students to develop and enhance their understanding of their own expertise.  Students will present their projects in a school wide expo so that parents, teachers, fellow students, and members of the local community have a chance to see, hear, and learn about what the students have worked so hard to accomplish through the course of the year.

Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad is a competition among the various school districts in the state of New Jersey, and the school can become eligible for the national competition if successful in the regional level.

Ancient Wisdom

Students learn about the theory and practice of ancient art forms such as yoga, martial arts, architecture, healing, and medicine.  Students question the validity of the current historical paradigms, learn the benefits of integrating ancient art forms with our current technological advancements, and how to create a more sustainable world.