Visual Arts Department


The Hanal School’s Visual Arts department features an integrated study of art history and studio art that extends across the curriculum.  This allows students the opportunity to strengthen content learning and understanding in all subject areas. The program offers students comprehensive studio art experiences with detailed explorations in a variety of media. In the classroom and through critiques, students learn the importance, power and responsibility of self-expression. In addition to gaining confidence and proficiency in their studio practice, students learn about the history, analysis, and interpretation of art.

9th Grade

Studio Art I

Students in Studio Art I will have the opportunity to work in a broad range of media, including drawing, painting and printmaking. The goal is to expand students’ artistic abilities by having them explore a variety of techniques, with emphasis on drawing and 2-D design.


Art History I

This course presents to students the history of art from Prehistoric through Gothic Art and Architecture. Students will learn the necessary tools to knowledgeably view, write and speak about art and its many elements.

10th Grade

Studio Art II

Building on the skills and techniques they have mastered in Studio Art I, students will be given the opportunity to expand their exploration into three-dimensional materials. Students will be given the opportunity to work with such materials as clay, wood, fabric and found objects.

Art History II

This course continues the art historical investigation begun in Art History I.  Continuing with the Early Renaissance and following through to the present, students will resume their investigation of the history of art.

11th Grade

Studio Art III

Here, students are offered greater opportunities to broaden their personal expression and art experiences.  Provided with tools and techniques to create their visions, students will be required to complete five high level works of art utilizing at least three fields.

AP Studio Art III

The AP Studio Art Program consists of three portfolios –  2-D Design, 3-D Design and Drawing – corresponding to the most common college foundation courses.  In AP Studio Art I students will be required to create six high level works of art working towards the development of a comprehensive portfolio.

Contemporary Art

A study of art and architecture from Impressionism to the present day emphasizing the importance of social, economic, and political influences on the art. This course is designed to relate contemporary artistic expression to modern thought.

12th Grade

Studio Art IV

Students in Studio Art IV, after having completed all previous art courses will be given the opportunity to create more specialized works of art.  Choosing a single field to focus their efforts, students will be required to complete five high level works.

AP Studio Art IV

Continuing extensive creative pursuits, students will develop portfolios with artworks created in AP Studio Art I as well as six additional works.  Students will photograph and submit their portfolios for review.

Art Criticism

In this course, students will study the basic concepts and challenges of modern art as developed and formulated by artists and critics.  Students will examine the principal theories of art and criticism from 1900 until 1945 as well as recent approaches to the image in art history and visual culture.